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Crafted for quality

Socks – really good socks like ours – are a balance of design, quality and craftsmanship. Read on to learn more about why our socks are so darned good.

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Only the finest

Making socks that last is a material matter

Not to boast, but we spin a really good yarn. Literally.

Socks have a tough life – they undergo more friction, more wear and tear, and more washing than almost any other clothing item. Our passion for perfection means that we use only the finest yarns to make our socks. This makes each pair look and feel great, of course. But, it also means that they are exceedingly durable, with colour that lasts and lasts, wash after wash.


Stitch by stitch

We make a tight knit

Fun fact: socks are actually one of the most complicated items of clothing to make well.

Each pair is created using a circular knitting method; stitch by stitch, row by row. The smaller and tighter each stitch, the better quality the sock is. We always use the highest needle count possible to ensure our stitches are as tight as possible. Our advanced knitting technology enables us to programme complex patterns, feeding multiple yarn colours into each knitted line at the same time.

The finishing touch

Our own personal symbol of style

After each pair of socks has been knitted, finished and quality checked, our logo is added. This Victorian gent, posing with his penny-farthing, is a symbol of style, sophistication and quality – everything our socks embody.

Plus, did you know...

All our socks come with a 12 month sock sure guarantee

We’re so confident in our craftsmanship that we promise you 100% sock satisfaction. Our 12-Month Sock Sure Guarantee means a no-quibble swap if anything goes wrong with one of your pairs in the first year.

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