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Men’s Style Tip: How to wear white socks

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 22 May 2023

Plain white socks – effortlessly stylish

White. The superhero staple of your wardrobe. Your trusty white Oxford shirt. That favourite white t-shirt. Some dependable white sneakers. A collection of white socks.

There is power in its simplicity – white is clean, it is cool and it is effortless. And just like your go-to white t-shirt, white socks are the dependably stylish yet refined option that you can always rely on – no matter the season.

Fresh, crisp and clean, white socks bring seemingly endless sartorial opportunities. From casual plain white socks with jeans and trainers or classic white sports socks, to channelling Paul Newman and tackling the trend of smart white socks, our selection of cotton plain white socks are here for you.

Fashion Beans showing how to smartly style London Sock Company’s Simply Active crew socks in Cotton White.

How to wear plain white socks with white trainers

White socks and trainers, what could be more natural? White socks and white trainers, come with some rules though. For those looking for the no-socks look with shorts, our discreet white invisible socks are a comfortable, no-show option that feel great but remain unseen. Alternatively, show off a sophisticated but subtle pop with our Simply Trainer socks in Cream, which have all the qualities of our flagship Simply Sartorial but just sit perfectly on the ankle. The key is to opt for off-white trainers, or white trainers with a contrasting trim.

For the ultimate laid back classic look? Simply Active organic cotton socks in Cotton White – go for crew length for a ‘90s edge or ankle for a barely-there favourite. Wear with off-white sneakers, smart cotton-twill shorts in navy and a short sleeved shirt over a white T for a sophisticated California vibe.

White sports socks: an enduring classic

Not all sportswear was created equal. Your daily step count may be achieved during trips to the pub rather than sprints in the park, but our Simply Active socks in Cotton White have been ergonomically designed with a breathable mesh, integrated cushioning, and embedded arch support to be both functional and fashionable. Plus, these crisp white socks are available in ankle, crew and quarter lengths to work with all sport shoes from Converse to high top Air Jordans.

These organic cotton white sports socks also have the benefit of coordinating with all items of clothing and footwear you already own, so no need to throw away that old school Rugby shirt or ancient pair of Nikes just yet. Of course, if you’re heading to the tennis courts this summer we would obviously encourage donning your favourite all-white attire. Just don’t forget the Pimms after …

White socks and jeans: always a winner

A classic combo. Whether you are opting for the retro relaxed ‘tube sock’ vibe of Simply Active Crew socks in Cotton White with some faded denim, or something a bit smarter (think Simply Sartorial in Cream with darker jeans and loafers, a combo once frowned upon but now the sign of the stylistically bold) – white socks and jeans is actually a pretty refined look that is incredibly easy to get right.

A close up shot of a pair of men’s feet in plain white trainer socks and navy blue suede trainers.
Simply Trainer socks in Cream

A flash of white socks at the ankle can actually be smart

The chances are that you remember being told to avoid white socks at all costs if dressing smartly. Chances are that you have also seen that Paul Newman photo. The one of this best-dressed man looking effortlessly stylish and smart on a boat. The truth is, while white socks were once the sign of the fashionably challenged, they were also once the sign of a well-dressed man.

How to achieve an elegant white socks ensemble? Steer clear of all-white – opt for cream or stone chinos. Plimsols are a classic shoe pairing, so try something darker for contrast, and then bring it all together with a soft grey jumper and darker overshirt. You can also try darker trousers, plain white socks (even our Simply Sartorials in Grey Fox for a silvery white touch) with off-white trainers, and a jumper in a bolder block shade for a sophisticated statement.

A cropped picture of a man sitting at a table in the sunshine from the knee down, his feet in plain white socks by London Sock Company and grey leather trainers.
Simply Sartorial in Cream

How to wear white socks in 2023?

Plain white socks could not be more a contemporary look. Where once white socks were considered a fashion faux pas – a style choice reserved for teenagers and the ‘ensembly challenged’ – now they are a sign of serious sartorial savvy. And maligning them is a surefire way to carbon date yourself two decades older than you are. There are a couple ways to become a modern master of the plain white sock today:

Simply Sartorial in Cream looks cool and contemporary paired with green trousers, brown loafers and a knit polo.

How to keep your white socks white

With great white socks, comes great responsibility. You can make your socks feel out-of-the-box white for longer by following a few simple rules:

Stubborn discolouration? Try:

Baking soda: soak your socks a warm sink filled with a generous sprinkling of baking soda for several hours. Wring them dry and wash them as usual in your machine. This time add between 150ml and 200 ml of baking soda to the detergent drawer, as well as your normal detergent.

Lemon juice: Antibacterial, antiseptic and a natural bleach, the acid found in lemons is a natural super clean agent. Place your not-so-white socks into a of warm water infused with the fresh lemon juice for a couple hours will work wonders.

Step out in white socks this summer. Browse our white sock styles here.

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