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Saffron Socks and the Colour Theory

Blog • 14 January 2021

We love how a dash of colour can keep the grey at bay. Colours have the power to influence our mood; to make us walk brighter. This is particularly important right now – we all need a bit of pep in our step as we stride forward this year.

When we learned more about the secret meaning and power of colours, we knew that our first Colour of the Season for 2021 could only be one: Saffron.

But why? What kind of mood does saffron inspire? And if you are naturally attracted to this beautiful bright, what does that mean? Well, let us enlighten you …

The Meaning of Saffron

A beautifully bold blend of yellow and orange, saffron is an unfailing optimistic pop of colour, and one of London Sock Company’s most iconic hues. Our East India Saffron socks have been adding a positive pop to your looks since the earliest days of LSC and there is a reason they are so popular.

Close up of men's yellow socks from London Sock Company and white trainers

Warm and sophisticated, saffron brings together the colour wheel’s brightest shades, orange and yellow.

The colour orange is associated with friendship, confidence and youth.

Yellow inspires energy, happiness and creativity.

Mix them together for saffron and you get a colour that feels cultured and courageous, that energises and enables a freedom of expression.

Is saffron your favourite colour? 

Naturally drawn to this golden shade? Colour theorists would say that you are one of life’s true optimists.

Friendly and easy-going, you’re a happy idealist, who doesn’t take life too seriously. You also quite enjoy being the centre of attention, and are no stranger to a bit of flamboyance. (This might explain why it is such a favourite in our office …)

Most importantly, you typically channel a level of almost childlike optimism.

All things that, we think you’ll agree, we could all do with right now.

Saffron yellow socks on a yellow background

Saffron is the first Colour of the Season for 2021

How do you wear saffron?

Want to add some saffron into your everyday look but unsure about how? Celebrity stylist Michael Fisher has some tips.

“Saffron yellow works really well with deep blues and browns, as well as olives, khakis and grey,” says Fisher. “For an easy off-duty autumn/winter look, try a tan overshirt or rain trench, with raw denim, a clean white shirt and East India Saffron socks.”

Feeling a bit bolder?

“Colour block your look,” he suggests. “East India Saffron socks with a similar saffron polo or sweater, and navy or tan jacket looks great and is really confident.”

Learn more about our first Colour of the Season for 2021 and shop our best saffron pairs, here.

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