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Ruby Red Socks and the Colour Theory

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 30 September 2021

Colour has always been at the heart of London Sock Company. We love how a dash of colour can keep the grey at bay. Colours can influence our mood. They can make us walk brighter. And every hue has its own power.

Enter our Colour of the Season for Winter 2021: Ruby Red.

Strikingly vivid, and full of energy and meaning, red is a colour that loves to evoke a reaction.

But, what kind of mood does it inspire? And what does it mean if you are naturally attracted to this unapologetically rich red? Read on to learn …

Red alert

Red is a proud primary colour. But it’s also the most primal. Associated with power, status and passion, it is the undoubted alpha of the colour wheel and it likes to come with a statement. Red inspires feelings of confidence and authority. It hints at extroversion, desire, and a personality type that is driven to live fully.

Is red your favourite colour?

Naturally drawn to this rich red? Colour theorists would say that you are driven, adventurous, and impulsive – always moving forward. You like to be spontaneous and passionate, but you still naturally balance realism with optimism.

How do you wear red socks?

Ruby red is a saturated, standout hue that makes for an incomparable accent. While it may rarely be subtle, it is always confidently classic. When worn with intent, it is a surefire way to inspire action and effect, whether that’s standing out in a sea of suits or adding the final, purposeful polish to a dressed-down look.

Red can look quite severe when partnered with black, so instead wear it with navy or charcoal. Choose Simply Sartorial’s signature block colour in Ruby Red for a professional power pop with a navy suit, or play with patterns by mixing grey tailoring with socks in a contemporary red check, like Shaken & Stirred socks in Red.

For a real red style statement this season, opt for rich ruby red on top – a beautiful block red knit, for example, or a red coat, or even in a classic buffalo plaid overshirt – and pair with socks in one of red’s many complimentary colours. Feeling brave? East India Saffron or Pink Friday. More understated? Hazelnut Brown or Cotswold Stone.

A man wearing a red sock with Houndstooth pattern, styled with a grey trouser and brown brogue.

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