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Midnight Blue Socks and the Colour Theory

Blog • 01 April 2021

Colour has always been at the heart of London Sock Company. We love how a dash of colour can keep the grey at bay. Colours can influence our mood. They can make us walk brighter. And every hue has its own power.

Enter our Colour of the Season for Spring/Summer 2021: Midnight Blue.

Vivid and elemental yet dependable, this bold blue is a true modern classic. It represents calm and clarity – it feels refreshing. And there is no better colour for these sunny months.

Our Simply Sartorial pairs in Midnight Blue have been a customer favourite for years. These inviting, vibrant blue socks are timelessness personified – fresh dressed up and down, they aren’t about big and brave statements, but classic, cool personality.

So, what kind of mood does it inspire? And what does it mean if you are naturally attracted to this timeless blue hue? Read on to learn …

The Meaning of Midnight Blue

This shade of blue has a quiet magnetism to it – it is an overwhelmingly optimistic colour despite its emotional connotations.

At once luminous, refreshing and calming, midnight blue is an expressive shade that you can always rely on. It can be understated. It can also be bold. And it is eternally stylish.

When worn, cool and calming blue conveys a sense of serenity and openness – it is even said to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Is blue your favourite colour?

If you are naturally drawn to this special shade, colour theorists would say that you are genuine and reliable. Someone with a calming energy that is easy to get along with, sincere and responsible. You may not be one to take big risks – you certainly aren’t impulsive – but you are lovable and thoughtful, able to create a feeling of zen and maintain a sense of equilibrium wherever you are.

How do you wear blue?

“Blue is an ideal reset colour, especially for spring right now,” says celebrity stylist Michael Fisher. “It is a strong base colour that can really be worn with almost every other colour. As an accent colour, it pops against grays, browns and neutrals. As a tonal statement, you can pair it with indigo pieces, and navies. And for the ultimate edgy statement, against black or white.”

Really want to bring some real magic with Midnight Blue?

“It’s great against warm contrasting colours like orange, yellow, maroon and gold,” says Fisher.

There you have it. Our beautiful blue hue

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