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Emerald Green Socks and the Colour Theory

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 04 April 2022

We are all about the positive power of colour at London Sock Company. We love how a dash of colour can keep the grey at bay. Colours can influence our mood. They can make us Walk Brighter. And every hue has its own power.

Make way for the new colour of the season, Emerald Green, the perfect power pop for spring.

But, what kind of mood does it inspire? And what does it mean if you are naturally attracted to this vivid jewel tone? Read on to learn …

Give Emerald Green the green light

This is a vibrant, energising green, guaranteed to bring balance and harmony with every step. Unsurprisingly, any green is inextricably linked with nature, coming enriched with the power to refresh and renew. Green is also known as the colour of good luck and prosperity (indeed, the colour of money). And let’s not forget its association with the eponymous jewel – cue instant sophistication.

Is Emerald Green your favourite colour?

Lucky you. Colour theorists would say that you are generous and enjoy uplifting others. You are practical and feel a close link with the natural world, seeking harmony at all times. You also enjoy the finer things in life. And can tend to get a tad jealous of those who have what you (think) you want. But green-lovers will always work hard and fairly to achieve their goals.

Emerald Green Socks– lucky for some, dashing for all.

How do you wear Emerald Green?

Green in all its various hues is the definition of stylistically versatile. Emerald Green socks look especially handsome with navy and darker blues – perfect for your suit or making denims more dashing. Greens generally have a natural affinity with other earthy tones, particularly browns. This means it looks great with tweeds or even stones. Chinos? Check. Try a green checked sock for a sophisticated statement, or a subtle marled sock for some casual cool.

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