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Telegraph Luxury No to Sockless Feature London Sock Company

Featured In • 07 July 2015

In this latest feature for Telegraph Luxury, Bill Prince (also Deputy Editor of GQ) discusses the topical ‘Socks or No Socks’ debate for the summer months.

He senses a fight back of the light-weight sock variety (and recommends a Sock Club subscription from London Sock Company).

Where do you stand on this style debate?  Are you for or against the no-sock and shoe style?

Most of us look for comfort, as well as style, and unfortunately the sockless look has its downsides in warmer weather, particularly for those also in the room when you take your shoes off at the end of the day!

As sock makers you’d possibly think we would be wholeheartedly against the no-sock look, but actually we’re about to launch a solution for the no-sock look enthusiast.  Our new ‘invisible’ low cut sock will be available online later this month (July 2015), featuring our no-slip technology to keep it hidden under your shoe, without slipping down over your heel and into the depths of your shoe itself.

In the meantime, here are the highlights of The Telegraph Luxury’s view on the matter.  (Hopefully you can forgive us for cutting to the part where they mention us!).

You can also read the full article at the link below.

If you have an opinion on the Socks vs No Socks look, do contact us or Bill Prince himself: [email protected]


Are socks – for the summer months at least – about to go the way of the tie? It’s a particularly poignant question at the moment, given the searing heat wave we’re in the grip of. It seems likely, as purveyors of style advice continue to absolve us of the need to wear socks in all but the most rigorously formal situations, the better to dissuade us from rocking up to the office in our Havaianas.

But to jettison the hosiery entirely would be a shame – and a mistake. Lighter-weight socks are the order of the day certainly, but the shades can lighten too. Forgo the sock entirely, and that calming sight of fully-clad ankles descending into cherry-blossom brown loafers will be lost forever.

Fortunately, I sense a fight back…

I’m tempted by another line of slightly more passive resistance. For those willing to “sock-scribe”, the London Sock Company will re-up your sock drawer for £10 a month (for its most basic pair) escalating to two or three pairs a month depending on whether you consider yourself a “Stylish Gent” or a fully-woven “Enthusiast”.

The choice of styles is your own, or you can leave it to the club to select your hosiery for you. Doubtless early-adopter David Gandy has his own views on the perfect pair, but look closely at the street photography coming out of London Collections Men last month to make sure he too has fallen for the tropes of the St Tropez dress code in town….

Bill Prince, The Telegraph Luxury & deputy editor of British GQ

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