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Style tips #25: Tying the knot once you’ve found your perfect tie

News • 09 March 2017

Finding the perfect tie can be tricky. Silk or wool? Patterned or block colour? Bright or cool? Neck or bow? Cravat or even bolo to channel your inner Texan? There are so many options out there, how do you know where to start?

Finding that special piece of neckwear to “tie the knot” with is a personal journey. Don’t follow the crowd – it’s worth finding something special that suits your personality.

When you have the perfect tie you need to make sure the knot does it justice and shows it at its best. A thicker material such as wool needs a knot with fewer folds. While a sleek silk tie will need a knot that builds it up a touch more – the peanut look was thankfully left behind in the playground.

We’ve broken the myriad of knots down to four classics so you’re covered for any tie and any occasion. Tying a tie is one of life’s simple pleasures – the feel of the fabric, the rhythm of the process and the satisfaction of the perfect knot. Master these knots and enjoy.


The Four in Hand: small and classic
• The smallest knot so it’s suitable for larger widths and thicker materials
• It’s asymmetrical so you have to avoid it getting lop-sided. However, dealt with correctly, this adds a touch of character that the symmetrical options don’t offer


The Half-Windsor: the medium
• Works well with light and medium-weight fabrics
• Produces a neat triangle without being bulky


The Windsor: suitable for silk
• The big brother of the Half-Windsor is predictably larger in size
• Useful for plumping out your knot with a silk or thinner tie


The Balthus: big and bold
• This special knot is our largest knot here and shows you can tie with flair
• Shows off a lot of material so is suitable if you have a seriously special tie you want people to notice

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