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Sports Socks Reimagined: how we live brighter

Blog, Wellness • 12 August 2021

How do you Live Brighter? Is it by challenging your own personal best on Strava on your 5k every morning? Or is with a wander in nature chasing the kids? Or maybe it is a friendly five-a-side with friends once a week. Whatever it is, moments filled with positivity, colour and style are what life is all about. And our Simply Active Collection of sports socks is here to help. The London Sock Company team share their ways of living brighter … as well as the pairs they love to live brighter in.

Thavish putting in his paces on the pavement in Simply Active Crew in Cotton White

Thavish Matthias, Graphic Design and Packaging Lead

My sport of choice is running. I go for two 5km runs per week and my goal is always to complete them in 20 minutes. For me, running  (once I start!) is meditative and it really helps me sleep better.

Lives Brighter in … Simply Active Crew in Cotton White. I love the crew socks for their versatility, and white is my go-to colour. I even wear these with white trainers when I’m not running.

Dave Pickard, Co-founder

My absolute favourite Saturday morning activity is putting our toddler in the running buggy and running up a local hill – he loves seeing the horses and farm animals along the way, as well as shouting ‘faster daddy’ if I try slowing down! It’s 40 minutes of hard work but after a busy week it’s a great feeling and is real quality time spent with him, plus the views are amazing from the top. An added bonus is when his mummy and baby brother drive up and meet us at the hilltop cafe for delicious sausage sandwiches and a coffee (and thankfully we can drive home!)

Lives Brighter in …  Simply Active Crew in Spicy Mustard. One of my favourites – I love the colour and love having plenty of it on show.

Angie tires out the kids in Simply Active Quarter in Teal.

Angie Audretsch, Head of Brand

For me, being outdoors, immersed in nature with my two little boys is what gives me the greatest joy. We pack sandwiches, binoculars, and our swimsuits and we head out exploring the maze of footpaths around us in Somerset. Lovely long walks jumping over stiles, searching for wildlife and secret streams we can splash in. Whereas in winter I would always reach for my trusty Boot Socks (my East India Saffron pair are my favourite), in summer I want pairs that are breathable, supportive, and still comfortable, so reach for my Simply Active pairs. The Crew and Quarter lengths are brilliant with my hiking boots.

Lives Brighter in … Simply Active Quarter Socks in Teal is my favourite length for style and comfort in my hiking boots. And who doesn’t love the perfect teal colour?

Ryan picks high intensity colour for HIIT in Simply Active Ankle in Aqua

Ryan Palmer, Co-Founder

A new morning routine for me is 30 mins of home HIIT from a guided fitness app as soon as I get up. I’ve realised if I don’t do something first thing in the morning, the chances of me doing anything fitness-wise rapidly diminishes as the day goes on!

After a workout in the morning, I feel so much better; I am energised and much more productive throughout the day. I’ve always been active and into health and fitness, playing rugby from a young age and studying Sports Science at Loughborough University. For me, exercise is such an important lifestyle ingredient and I’ve realised it’s vital to establish a routine. As hard as it may be to start with, it’s just important to persevere until you reach a point where you feel guilty if you don’t!

Lives Brighter in … Simply Active Ankle in Aqua – tough to choose just one but I love this pop of colour.

Jack kicking about in Simply Active Crew in Cotton White

Jack Richards, Head of Campaigns and Partnerships

I make sure to go for a walk around lunchtime every day, even just for 10 minutes. Playing football twice a week is also one of my favourite ways to get active. I love that it has both a social element and a competitive side – and obviously it’s also great exercise. I also try to make it to the gym three times a week. I’ve found it to be really beneficial for my mental health – especially when I have been stuck working in the house all day. It allows me to get out and blow off some steam. The colours of the Simply Active collection give me a nice boost too. I love to match the Simply Active Crew socks to my gym outfit, for example, and on my walks, I’m all about the small fashion details in a look.

Lives Brighter in… Simply Active Crew in Cotton White or Loyal Blue

Matt’s run with a view in Simply Active Quarter in Cotton White

Matt Dickens, Head of Supply Chain

I love to go for an early morning run or walk on the beach near my home in Norfolk. It’s a chance to get some fresh air, and maybe go for a quick dip in the sea (if I feel like braving the chill!). Getting out in nature really clears my head, setting me up for a productive day at work.

Lives Brighter in… Simply Active Quarter in Cotton White. These are my favourites because they feel great as well as looking good.

Chloe heads for walks and talks in Simply Active Ankle in Blood Orange

Chloe Taylor, Head of Product and Design Development

After a full day of balancing mum life and work life, I love a post-dinner evening walk with a girlfriend. It’s quiet, peaceful, the sun is setting and I enjoy the quality time winding down from a busy day.

Lives Brighter in… Simply Active Ankle in Blood Orange paired with my well-loved Veja trainers. They are the perfect go-to pair of socks for both style and comfort.

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