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Mulberry Socks and the Colour Theory

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 03 October 2022

We are all about the positive power of colour at London Sock Company. We love how a dash of colour can keep the grey at bay. Colours can influence our mood. They can make us Walk Brighter. And every hue has its own power.

Enter our sock colour of the season for Autumn/Winter 2022: Mulberry.

Sophistication, polish and character – Mulberry is a colour that exudes everything you would expect from a sumptuous purple-red. Wearing it will evoke the feelings of generosity and warmth we need this season.

But, what kind of mood does it inspire? And what does it mean if you are naturally attracted to this berry lovely tone? Read on to learn …

Make way for Mulberry

Our newest Simply Sartorial sock shade Mulberry is one of the most effortless ways to add a suave lift to autumn/winter looks. This alluring pinky-reddy-purple (yes, that is a legitimate colour description) naturally balances the well-known passion and power of red, with purple’s more quiet, understated thoughtfulness. It has a natural vitality to it and in the world of colour theory, is known for promoting harmony, compassion and kindness.

Is deep magenta your favourite colour?

Mulberry, plum, magenta – whatever you call it, if this is your go-to shade, colour psychologists would say that you are considerate and content. People who are drawn to mulberry enjoy spreading positivity and appreciate balance and harmony in life. And have great taste, obviously.

Celebrate this shade with The Mulberry and Dash of Class in Mulberry

How do you wear Mulberry socks?

Much like its tonal cousins, burgundy and purple, mulberry is a lovely lift for the season’s hero pieces. If you naturally reach for the neutrals – think ochres, tans, light browns and beiges – a pop of magenta will add depth with a dash of dapper softness. It also loves greys and navy, which is great news for your tailoring. Are you looking for a surprising but stylish combo? try aqua with mulberry. Sound a bit punchy? Hear us out. Mulberry sits opposite aqua blue on the colour wheel, meaning that these two are a match made in hue heaven.

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