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Men’s Style Tips with Czech & Speake: Fragrance for the changing seasons

Blog • 09 September 2019

Czech & Speake is the product of an unusual idea: the creation of a tradition.

In 1978,  a creative mind spotted a gap in the market; Frank Sawkins wanted to sell the idea of the bathroom as a sanctuary, combined with a modern Englishness, to convey a sense of history, elegance and craft.

Frank established his luxurious bathing concept from his design studio at number 88 Jermyn St, subsequently giving the fledgeling company’s first fragrance its name. Since then, a comprehensive range of fine fragrances, accessories, lavish shaving sets and leather goods have been developed, permitting for luxurious bathing at its best.

As part of a collaboration between London Sock Company and Czech & Speake, they spoke to LSC to highlight how you can transition your signature scents from summer to autumn.

Fragrance for the Changing Seasons

September is upon us, which means the crisp autumnal weather will be here before we know it. Just as you would adjust your wardrobe with more thermal layers, it also makes sense to transition your signature scent. The temperature has a significant impact on the way a perfume lifts. The warmer weather intensifies a scent, which is why lighter, refreshing smells are more appropriate in the summer. As the weather cools, it is worth investing in deeper, warming scents. These are Czech & Speake’s top three recommendations for a suitable autumn fragrance:

Spanish Cedar

Originally inspired by the distinctive aroma of cedar trees from our founder’s boyhood holidays in Menorca, Spanish Cedar has become one of Czech & Speake’s most definitive autumn fragrances. Bottled in amber glass, the woody and resinous scent couldn’t be more suited to a season defined by woodland landscapes toned in orange, gold and maroon. As an EdP, its formula contains a higher concentration of oils, which means a simple spritz will have a big effect and last longer in a cooler environment.

An image of a bottle of aftershave

Vétiver Vert

If you prefer a fresher scent but desire the muskiness and intensity suited to the cool season, our Vétiver Vert cologne contains a beautiful harmony of earthy notes evocative of the root of the vetiver plant, combined with a citrusy mandarin top note. Our version of the classic masculine fragrance has a spicy, woody bottom note of sandalwood, and offers a strong base that will leave a lasting impression and warm your senses in the brisk climate.

Green bottle of aftershave with green box

No. 88

If the Czech & Speake brand sounds familiar, it may be due to our iconic No.88 cologne. As the first addition to our fragrance collection in 1980, our founder developed a formula that is so perfectly balanced and mysteriously complex that it remains a favourite among many. No.88 is uniquely versatile to each season through its impressive combination of citrus, flora and woods, but it is particularly well suited to the cooler weather through its heady, richness and warmth. A little spritz will go a long way with this classic scent.

Bottle of perfume and black box

To enjoy all of Czech & Speake’s products and to read more informative health and beauty journal posts, visit czechandspeake.com

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