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Warm Winter Socks for Men: A Guide

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 30 October 2023

 Keeping Warm in Winter 2023

Choosing the right winter socks for the cold weather, as well as the right footwear, is essential to staying warm, dry, and of course stylish. As the temperature dips and you prep for the onset of winter, it’s important to make sure your sock drawer provides has the options you need to look cool, but stay warm. This year, as always, the weather is set to be unpredictable. With the El Niño weather phenomenon officially confirmed by the World Meteorological Organisation this summer1, we can expect some serious climate curve balls. Experts say that El Niño years in Northern Europe follow a typical pattern. Mild wet and westerly winter from November to December, followed by a colder, drier end to winter between January and March. It means that the best winter socks are key. Everything from material choices, knit style and length can make a difference. So we have curated a selection of London Sock Company styles for your cool weather wardrobe.

A close up of a man's feet on a hardwood floor. He is wearing black leather loafers, cream trousers, a mint green jumper and aqua green ribbed socks by the London Sock Company.
Simply Marl in Aqua – a super soft, mid-weight style made for adding a dash of colour and warmth.

Thicker Cotton Socks

Winter socks should be made from thicker cotton, and our mid-weight styles are the perfect choice. Cotton is a classic material for socks and choosing thicker knits in the winter is an easy way to shift your seasonal wardrobe. Shaken & Stirred styles are an ideal thickness for those colder months, while still sitting comfortably in your shoes. For these pairs we use soft, silky smooth Scottish Lisle Cotton yarns, blended with just a dash of clever man-made fibres for the perfect stretch-fit, so each pair of socks combines comfort, colour and durability. For something a touch thicker but still sleek enough to fit into smart shoes, our Simply Marl socks are a favourite. Crafted from soft organic cotton and featuring an on-trend twisted yarn, they toe that line between casual and smart with ease.

A man sitting on a stool wearing a light blue shirt, navy trousers, red pattern socks from London Sock Company, and grey trainers.
Shaken & Stirred socks in Mustard are a versatile style, looking great with navy chinos, denim and greys.

Warm Men’s Boot and Welly Socks

Winter is for walks. Walks in that crisp sunshine. Jaunts in the drizzle. Ambles to the pub. Grab your coat and put on a pair of London Sock Company’s signature outdoor socks. For everything from hikes to ambles to your local pub, our organic cotton boot socks are chunky knit for warmth and durability, and come in an array of colours for ultimate style. For muddier yomps, our incredibly soft merino wool welly socks are hard to beat. These knee-high pairs slide into your favourite welly boots, and thanks to their magnificent merino yarn, are moisture-wicking, warm and comfortable. When it come to caring for your merino welly socks, make sure you wash at 30º and reshape while wet before air drying. This will help preserve the integrity of the very special merino yarn.

A man sits on a rock with a view of a Highland glen behind him, wearing jeans, Chelsea boots and grey boot socks by London Sock Company.
Our best-selling boot socks in Slate – made for rambling or ambling, or just keeping snug.

 Cashmere Socks – Luxury and Warmth Combined

Cashmere socks are the most luxurious style of winter socks London Sock Company offers thanks to their heat retention and incredibly soft feel. Spun from the softest fibres taken from cashmere goats, they offer three times the warmth of traditional wool socks. Pure luxury for your feet. Cashmere socks are also breathable, temperature-regulating and lightweight.

Our cashmere socks are crafted in Scotland and make the best slipper socks, keeping toes stylishly warm at home. Choose from Dove Grey, Ruby Red, Fox or Navy (or all four) and sit back, nice and cosy. It is really important that you give your cashmere socks the proper care to enhance their lifespan. Always gently hand-wash them in lukewarm water (35°) using a mild detergent. Smooth them back into shape while damp and place flat on a towel. Leave them to dry naturally, away from direct heat (no radiators or sunlight) and never tumble dry. And don’t go and squish them back into your sock drawer. The best way to store your cashmere socks? Flat, ideally in a drawer with cedar wood balls to deter any hungry moths.

A man sitting on a chair in a kitchen holding a cup of coffee, wearing red
cashmere socks from the London Sock Company.
Cashmere socks in Ruby Red – made for being laidback and luxurious at home this winter.

Merino Wool Socks

Warm, comfortably soft, highly durable and breathable, our Merino wool socks are ideal for cooler temperatures. From fine merino wool dress socks to our durable, stylish merino wool welly socks, you can’t go wrong. 

A man sits in a chair looking at the camera, with his arms behind his head and his feet up on another chair. He is wearing a blue knitted polo, beige smart trousers, and green merino wool socks from London Sock Company.
Stylish Simply Merino socks in British Racing Green – merino wool is thermoregulating making it the superhero of winter socks.

Stylish and snug Slippers

For absolute at home “I’m not going out today” winter days, you can’t beat the perfect slippers. Sleek and comfortable, London Sock Company’s signature slippers are the ones your feet deserve. Featuring a super soft merino wool lining, a specially-designed memory foam insole, and a beautifully breathable felt upper created from recycled plastic bottles. Prepare to lounge, LSC style.

A black man in grey loungewear and white socks, smiles on a yellow chair. He is wearing London Sock Company's grey slippers.
Simply Slippers are the only way to lounge this winter.

Your Questions Answered: Warm Winter Sock Style

  1. https://public.wmo.int/en/media/press-release/world-meteorological-organization-declares-onset-of-el-ni%C3%B1o-conditions ↩︎
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