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Men’s Style Tips: How to wear pink socks

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 01 May 2022

The colour pink has been fashionable since the 18th century, with many aristocratic families across Europe adorning this shade to represent wealth, youth and new beginnings. Since then, the trend of wearing pink has ebbed and flowed, but it is always a classic.

According to Jonathan Openshaw of The Future Laboratory, human interest in the colour shouldn’t necessarily be possible. In an article for Mr Porter, he explained the perplexity of this shade. “It’s surprising that pink has such a strong visual impact because, technically speaking, the human eye shouldn’t be able to perceive it at all. Our retina contains around seven million cone receptors that register red, green or blue (RGB). Pink isn’t on the light spectrum and, in many ways, it’s a biological mystery that we can detect it.”

To take the mystery out of incorporating pink socks into your wardrobe, we have curated the best advice and style tips for wearing this colour, as well as highlighting our favourite styles with a hint of pink.

Pick pink socks for a sophisticated pop

Pink socks are an excellent way to make a confident but sophisticated statement. Despite its connotations as a feminine colour, pink is a timeless shade in menswear and looks great with everything from navy tailoring to your favourite jeans. From a subtle pop with your white sneakers with pink trainer socks to an effortless patterned pink dress sock (try Herringbone), it is versatile and always stylish.

Experiment with different shades

Like all colours, pink has various shades, so experiment to find the one you like best. You can go bold and bright with our Simply Sartorial in Pink Friday sock, or more muted with the wonderful floral sock Desert Pink from our Ilaria Urbinati collection.

Man in dark suit wearing pink socks

Mix pink with neutrals

Pink socks work really well with neutral colours and classic monochromes. Think beige and stones, white, grey and, of course, black. Pink socks make for a really great accent with black tie. Crisp white shirt, black tux, pink socks: perfection. Conversely, they also look great with your chinos for an everyday elegance.


Try tonal dressing

Tonal dressing is a style trend where you wear different items of clothing that fall within the same colour palette or ‘family’. Now, we aren’t suggesting a head-to-toe pink look in the same shade (unless you want to, of course – we fully support embracing your personal style), so try mixing different textures or patterns in one outfit. For example, wearing our Simply Sartorial in Pink Friday? Match it with a pocket square of the same colour for a perfect pop. Great for weddings.

Discover something new

Pink is one of those menswear trends that never really fades. Whether it is full on fuchsias or more dusky roses, pink is always a stylish statement and pink socks are the ideal way to inject this shade into your look. So, if you want to shake up your sock drawer, a splash of pink tones will be sure to get you noticed.

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