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Men’s Style Tips: Wearing black socks in the summer

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 09 August 2023

Keeping our sartorial cool when summer finally arrives can be a challenge. It is tempting to step away from tried and tested favourites in favour of less polished alternatives in the heat. But for those looking to stick with their staples – black socks, for example – there are ways to do so while still feeling seasonally fresh. We’ve curated five style tips that will allow you to confidently don you best black socks while basking in the summer sun. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be the epitome of cool sophistication all season long.

1. Select Breathable Materials

When picking out your black socks for the summer months, make sure you choose lightweight yarns that are breathable. Look for pairs that are crafted from materials like cotton or merino wool, as these will allow air circulation around your feet. Much more comfy. Our Simply Sartorial socks are crafted from lightweight Scottish Lisle cotton, perfect for breezy comfort on warmer days. Merino wool, far from being a winter-only material, is nature’s super yarn. Breathable , temperature regulating and moisture-wicking, as well as naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, merino wool socks help keep feet cool in summer as well as warm in winter. Try our Simply Merino socks in Ebony Black.

2. Pair Black Socks with Lighter Colours

Stay cool and classic by pairing your black socks with lighter pieces on top. Try tailored shorts in stone, beige linens, and looser-fitting chinos. White sneakers will also ensure that your black socks don’t feel ‘heavy’. Keep black socks simple – classic black, like Simply Sartorial in Ebony Black, or for something with a dash of something a bit snazzy Spot of Style in Classic Black are your best bet. If you want to add a bit more variety with patterns, try the six-pair collection, Dash of Class in Black.

A man in cream trousers and trainers with spotted black socks by London Sock Company.
Spot of Style socks in Classic Black are a great way to add a dash of class to a summer look.

3. Keep it Short with Ankle Socks

While your winter winner may be longer black socks, summer calls for the crop. Black ankle socks are a great way to keep it classic while also staying seasonal. Much like our signature Simply Sartorial socks, our Simply Trainer socks are smartly ribbed and feature our iconic logo embroidery. However, our trainer socks are elegantly cropped to sit on the ankle and tuck into your trainers. They effortlessly blend sartorial polish with summer cool. For something more casual, try ankle sports socks. Simply Active Ankle socks in Black look sleek yet laid back with shorts, and come with a host of performance features that ensure comfort in hot weather. Think breathable mesh, arch support and anti-bacterial treatment, For a barely-there black pair, you can’t beat Simply Invisible in Black. Designed for loafers, brogues, and your favourite Converses.

Mens' black ankle sock with green knit polo top, cream cotton shorts and white leather trainers with beige soles.

4. Summer Suits Should be Loose and Light

When summer demands something smart, choose a summer weight suit. Loosely-woven materials like linen are a game changer in the heat. Heading to a wedding or event? Pull it off with panache in your black socks and airy linen tailoring. Salmon pink, tan, beige or soft khaki linen suits are classic colour choices. Suit jackets should be unstructured and partially-lined. Summer weight suits typically come unlined, half lined (that is, just front panel, shoulders, and sleeves are lined), or quarter lined (just sleeves and maybe shoulders lined). Having a partially-lined jacket means there’s one less layer trapping the heat in – this means much less sweating.

5. Socks and Sandals are Stylish. Seriously.

It can be hard to break the sartorial habits of a lifetime, but we are here to tell you that black socks and sandals can look really stylish. One scroll through Mr Porter or a quick look around the elegant haunts of the South of France or Capri and you’ll spot well-dressed gentlemen wearing socks with their sandals. Birkenstocks in particular, with their trademark buckled wide leather straps, have had a renaissance. For black socks, pick a pair of sandals in black leather or suede. Not sure about going the whole way? Clogs or mules are a great compromise. Stay smart rather than slouchy with Birkenstock’s black suede clogs and timeless Simply Sartorials in Ebony Black. Wear with Bermuda-length linen shorts and an airy linen shirt (a cool Mandarin collar will add some serious polish).

A men's style tips graphic showing how to wear black socks with clogs, linen shorts and a khaki linen shirt.
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