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Men’s Style Tips: Socks to stand the Tests of time

Blog • 07 August 2019

The Ashes: a sporting rivalry between England and Australia dating back to the 1880s. Cricket’s ultimate gentleman’s grudge match, the term The Ashes was first coined in 1882, after an English home defeat at The Oval when a local newspaper wrote a mock obituary of English cricket, saying that: “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”. The concept caught the imagination of the sporting public and months later, an English captain received a small urn, described in turn as “the ashes of Australian cricket”.

​Our team is a mix of cricket aficionados and first timers. So in case you’re stumped by the complexities of Test cricket, enjoy our guide to the game, with an LSC twist and make sure you score a century this summer with our stylish socks.

The Cricket Whites…off the pitch

Man wearing cream London Sock Company socks with grey trainers

White or cream is the traditional uniform of cricketers. Not feeling bowled over about wearing white socks away from the pitch though? Trust us, they look great (just Google ‘Paul Newman white socks’…).

a flash of red 

A bowler’s best friend, you’ll often see players shining the side of the bright red ball on their cricket whites, to increase swing (swerve) when they bowl. Stylishly add a splash of colour to your outfit with our Routemaster Red Simply Sartorial socks, à la Jimmy Anderson.

The rub of the green

Simply Sartorial British Racing Green London Sock Company

Whatever you choose to call it – the pitch, the wicket, the track – the green cricket fields across England will be home to all the action this summer. Celebrate with our iconic Merino British Racing Green style, and enjoy a sharper bounce to your step.

NEW TO CRICKET? need to talk to your cricket-loving friends about it? here are some handy terms …

From the straightforward to the downright silly, cricket can be confusing at the best of times, so here are four cricketing terms to impress your friends with.

1. The Bails

Not a typo for ‘balls’. They sit on-top of the stumps and need to be knocked off for the batsman to be bowled out.

2. Boundary

The rope that runs around the perimeter of the pitch. When the ball crosses this, the batsman will score a four or a six –  depending on if the ball hit the ground beforehand.

3. Silly

No, we aren’t talking about cricket, but positions for people on the field. It means they’re standing near the batsman, which we suppose does does sound silly.

4. Scoring

If scoring is mentioned, beware. You only need a leg-by and a wide, and you might be in too deep. Our advice is avoid and subtly redirect the conversation to how great your LSC socks are.

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