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Men’s Style Tips: How to wear turquoise

Men’s Style Tips • 10 January 2022

Revitalising, rejuvenating and refreshing – Turquoise is our first colour of the season for 2022, and for good reason. This pop of positivity is perfect for adding some elegance and vivid calm to your look as we take those first steps of the new year.

We asked LSC friend and celebrity stylist Michael Fisher to share his tips for incorporating this green blue hue into our wardrobe this season. And having styled the likes of Jonah Hill, Bryan Cranston, Dan Stevens and Adam Driver (often in LSC socks), he knows what he’s talking about.

What makes Turquoise such a great colour of the season for the start of a new year?

Turquoise is optimistic and refreshing. It reminds us of blue skies, of summertime, of calm. It’s the colour of the water on your holiday – evoking memories of being somewhere relaxing and warm.

How would you style turquoise socks?

I’d style turquoise socks with all tones of grey, navy and brown – those winter basics that need a pop – a nod towards the not-so-distant future. A signal of refresh and renewal.

What other colours look great with turquoise?

On a more casual side, turquoise also looks with army green. Don’t be afraid to add that more tropical turquoise pop to khakis and sands.

What kinds of emotions can you inspire with turquoise?

Turquoise inspires a sense of freedom and endless rolling waves, the sounds of peaceful coastal relaxation. Its calming, tranquility evokes fresh air and hopefulness.

Are there any other style trends we can look forward to as we head into a new year?

Layering – mixing oversized with fitted, readiness and appropriate transitional dress that can take you anywhere with versatility. As the unpredictable weather changes, we must be prepared for what may come our way and layering is the only way to be sure of that.

Socks aside, how could someone work this shade into their look in other ways this season?

Turquoise is a great colour for lightweight jumpers in merino wool or cashmere. For a dandier approach, add a pocket square in you salt/pepper tweed sport coat, or as an accent colour in any printed tie, or shirting.

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