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Men’s Style Tips: How to wear trainer socks in the summer

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 29 June 2021

Socks in the summer. Specifically, trainer socks in the summer. How to wear them without feeling like you are gratuitously flashing some ankle? Are cotton trainer socks just for casual shorts looks, or can they be more versatile? And when should you avoid them in favour of full-length socks? We asked stylist Eero Böök, the co-founder of Kintsugi Agency, to discuss trainer socks and creating stylish summer looks.

When would you recommend men reach for the trainer socks as opposed to normal, mid-calf or crew pairs?

As we all know, socks and summer can be a bit of a headache style-wise. It can be hard to know what style of sock to reach for. When it comes to trainer socks though, it is safe to say that when you are wearing trainers/sneakers, this sock style is typically your best friend. This is especially true when you are wearing low sneakers (like Converse or classic Veja) or you don’t want the socks to steal the show. Mid-calf pairs can easily look a bit too heavy with minimalistic sneakers if you are wearing shorts. (For more tips on how to wear shorts and socks, we did a short(s) Q&A with Eero here…)


How do you think LSC’s Simply Trainer socks are best styled this summer?

To be honest, the great thing about trainer socks is that it’s a sock style that can easily suit all trends. It is more about balancing the lengths of your trousers and the shoes.

You could wear these socks with cropped length trousers. Think white with a loose or baggy fit – really on trend and easy to wear. A little dash of colour from one of the Simply Trainer socks will create a more ‘styled’ look with white or off-white. The nautical trend is also a classic and will look great with the beautiful Midnight Blue Simply Trainer socks. Try a blue striped long-sleeve tee (can’t go wrong with Comme des Garçons Play) for example, or a chunky knit jumper with some kitsch seaside patterns like anchors or boats. Pair with cropped, smart trousers and simple trainers.

Commes de Garcon Play

Any outfits or looks that should be avoided altogether with trainer socks?

If you’re wearing a traditional, full suit, then I would go stick a sock that sits higher, especially if there is a dress code like ‘black tie’. Also with high-top shoes – Nike Jordans, for example, need to be styled with sock length at mid-calf in my opinion.

How can you keep trainer socks and shorts looking smart and not too casual?

Summer tailoring is the key. The super-easy way is to buy the shorts and the blazer as a set, this way the fabrics and colour are exactly the same, which makes it all feel more put together. Go for natural and breathable fabrics. For socks in this case, “go big or go home” and pick a colour that really pops out and makes a statement, like Fuchsia or Olde Turquoise.

What length of shorts will look best this summer with Simply Trainer?

Trainer socks and on-trend 5-inch shorts are an unbeatable dream team. But shorts should always be a few inches above the knee ideally. Scroll through TikTok you will see guys struggling with what kind of socks to wear with these shorts. Well, now the struggle is over.

A close up of a man's foot in grey socks and grey trainers. His hand is in shot, stroking a black Spaniel dog.

What colour from the Simply Trainer collection would you choose to make a bit of a subtle statement?

It depends on the outfit and the occasion, but with a clean white seasonal look, I would choose a white oversized double breasted blazer paired with loose-fit smart trousers with Lavender as the finishing touch for a subtle but playful statement.

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