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Men’s Style Tips: How to wear Black Socks 

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 21 September 2022

Versatile. Dependable. Stylish. Flattering, even. Black is a shade that offers so much and yet is so, well, simple. A great black sock is an essential. Consider it the little black dress of your sock drawer. The LBS if you will. While we are champions of colour here at London Sock Company, we also believe that walking brighter is a state of mind that comes from stylish essentials, like beautifully-made black socks.

How to wear black socks

Be it a sleek block colour or an eye-catching monochrome print, black socks are as versatile as you would expect. Let’s face it, black goes with everything. At the height of formality, black socks and black ties are an obvious classic. They look dapper with a timeless grey suit. They look great dressed down. Pondering all-black? Head-to-toe black is usually best-reserved for poets, fans of My Chemical Romance and Batman. For a more stylish twist on this noir aesthetic, try monochrome: black socks, with a mix of blacks, tones of grey and even dashes of white. looks are more difficult to pull off than one may think, but wear your black socks with a trusty pair of black jeans, a solid coloured jumper and a good pair of shoes and you will have the building blocks of a full noir look. 

The most important thing to remember with your black socks is upkeep. Striking noir requires care. There’s nothing more sad than the greyish look of an old black sock that has seen the inside of a tumble dryer too many times. London Sock Company styles are meticulously crafted to ensure they retain their brightness (or in this case, their darkness) and are best maintained by washing at 30 degrees with like colours and air drying. Want to avoid lint (or fluff from man’s best friend) taking away from the inky darkness of your socks? It is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to use a lint roller on them.

Can I wear black socks and trainers?

A simple answer? Absolutely. However, there are some guidelines to follow. Black socks look most elegant and effortless when paired with black trainers. You can further elevate this shoe/sock combo by pairing a designer pattern sock style with your trusty kicks. Bond St. Herringbone, Grey sock is one of our darkest patterned designs and will break up an all-black look with its distinctive Herringbone print. Want to stand out a bit? Black socks and crisp white trainers. Boom. 

Black socks for formal occasions

There’s a reason why black socks are the go-to style for formal occasions. For a lot of people, plain black socks are the choice for more sombre events, such as funerals, which call for more reserved colours. However, plain black socks should also be in your rotation for black tie events such as weddings, christenings or important meetings that call for a black suit. Sometimes, simplicity is key.

To add a little hint of pattern to formalwear while still wearing darker tones, the Dash of Class Black, 6-Pair Box boasts three of our favourite black patterned styles along with three block colour designs. Another playful option is Spot of Style, Classic Black, a sock that will quickly become a sock drawer favourite. 

A man's foot wearing black socks with polka dots

Black socks for cooler days

As the weather gets colder, our wardrobes naturally gravitate towards darker shades. Our selection of warm, thick styles includes the Slate Grey Boot Socks, a chunky knit ribbed sock that will sit snugly under your Welly or Chukka boots. The dark grey-almost-black shade of these makes them an inspired choice for dark denim or autumnal cords – an easy way to elevate a humble, weekend look. 

Smart black socks: a workwear essential

Casual attire now dominates the modern workwear wardrobe. However, for those of us who still don a suit throughout the week, a classic black sock is an ever-dependable choice. Our flagship Simply Sartorial cotton sock is a sleek style finely crafted to sit perfectly under smart shoes with our signature ‘rib’ fit. Try Simply Sartorial in Ebony Black (also available as a trio in our Simply Black, 3-Pair Box) for a luxury staple to wear for the 9-5. This signature sock is a cut above the rest. 

Browse our full collection of Black Socks here. 

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