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Men’s Style Tips: Choosing sports socks for summer

Blog, Men’s Style Tips • 08 August 2023

Summer is upon us. A season when the need for style merges with a need for comfort. Sports socks can be the ideal way to get this balance. The right ones – like London Sock Company’s Simply Active range – are made for peak performance while looking great. Here are the top 5 things to look for when choosing sports socks for summer.

1. Opt for Breathable Materials

As the mercury rises, it’s important to help your feet beat the heat. Look for sports socks crafted from breathable materials – cotton or naturally moisture-wicking yarns like merino. Natural materials help keep your feet cool and dry during hot weather, reducing sweat and discomfort. Avoid anything synthetic – polyester is not your feet’s friend. Simply Active socks by London Sock Company are crafted from super soft organic cotton.

A man's feet in orange cotton sports socks from London Sock Company hang down on a wall that is covered in neon graffiti.
Like all London Sock Company’s Simply Active range, Simply Active Quarter socks in Orange feature breathable mesh, arch support and comfort tops.

2. Stick to Low-Cut Styles

In the summer, low-cut sports and trainer socks make sense. They are comfortable, sit neatly in your trainers and look great with shorts, giving you a more streamlined and sporty look. Plus, no sock tan lines. Winner.

3. Choose the Right Colours 

It’s no secret that wearing light colours is the best bet for hot weather. They reflect heat rather than absorb it. Light-coloured sports socks are no different. Opt for white, grey, or pastel shades that complement your outfit while minimising heat retention. Lighter colours can also be more versatile – great for capsule holiday wardrobes. White sports socks are always a classic and bang on-trend – pair with faded denim and a boxy shirt for an ode to the ‘90s. Alternatively, go bold with bright colours worthy of the season, like Simply Active Ankle in Aqua or Simple Active Crew in Real Red

A hand pulls up the back of a blue shoe. The person wears white cropped cotton sports socks featuring London Sock Company's signature penny farthing logo embroidery.

4. Look For Cushioning and Arch Support

Whether you are site-seeing on holiday, going for summer strolls or setting new Strava records, comfort is key for your feet in summer. Look for sports socks with cushioning in key areas like the heel and ball to absorb impact. Additionally, opt for socks with arch support to minimise foot fatigue and enhance overall comfort. All three of our lengths of Simply Active sports socks feature cushioning and arch support, as well as comfort welts, meaning you’ll avoid blisters and tired toes.

An annotated image of a man in saffron sports socks by London Sock Company showing all the performance features of the socks.

5. Seek Out Performance-Enhancing Features

Great sports socks, like Simply Active, come with performance-enhancing features. Your feet will feel cool thanks to the breathable mesh and you can keep any sports sock smells at bay with the anti-odor technology. These features help keep your feet fresh and dry, even during intense physical activities. 

Remember, when it comes to style, comfort should always be a priority. By choosing the right materials, styles, and colours, you can ensure your sports socks not only keep your feet cool and comfortable but also complement your summer outfits. Our collection includes crew socks, quarter socks, and ankle socks, all under the Simply Active sports line, offering cushioning, arch support, and comfort welts to ensure a blister-free and invigorating experience.

Browse London Sock Company’s selection of organic cotton sports socks today for pairs that tick all the boxes this summer.

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