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Men’s Style Tips: Six Steps to Style, by the Grey Fox

Blog • 10 June 2016

Our guest stylist this week has featured regularly for The Times, The Guardian, Esquire, as well as the world’s top fashion publications.

Yet just five years ago, David Evans – a dad and former lawyer turned teacher – had very little interest in how he looked. Since his early forties, he had found it increasingly difficult to know what to wear.

“There was that fear of dressing too young or too old. So I thought I’d write about my search for style as an older man.”

In his fifties he decided he needed to learn to improve things and chose to share his personal search for style as an older man, through his blog, called Grey Fox.

Little did he know his journey would resonate so well with men both young and old, as well as women – looking for examples of how they’d like their other halves to look.

His now famous Grey Fox Blog has become an online sensation.

This week David shares his top six tips on how to get started with style.

The First Six Steps To Style, by David Evans, author of The Grey Fox Blog

Anyone can dress more stylishly. Five years ago I had very little interest in how I looked. I started my blog, Grey Fox, to see how I could improve things and share my finding with likeminded people out there.

My search for style has taught me a tremendous amount, so I was more than happy to share some of what I’d learned with my good friends Dave and Ryan at London Sock Co. We’ve shared a similar journey, boldly stepping out of more ‘normal’ jobs, into this interesting world of men’s style and digital marketing.

It’s important to remember that dressing and looking better isn’t about being vain. Like it or not, humans rely on appearance to make judgements about each other every day. You can give yourself a real advantage in your professional, family and personal relationships by making an immediate good impression through the clothes you wear.

Here are my First Six Steps To Style, for any man who wants to find and improve his style.

  1. Decide what you like and ask
Images Grey Fox Blog

Images Grey Fox Blog

Look around you. Research on Google, magazines, blogs and advertising to find looks you like. The Sartorialist’s street style shots started me on my journey to style. His images of stylish older men provide plenty of inspiration.

Also consider what works in the photos of famous actors and sportsmen from today and the past? Look at men like Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, David Niven and Paul Newman. Contemporary figures like David Beckham, David Gandy, Benedict Cumberbatch and George Clooney give a more modern slant.

Crucially, involve family, colleagues, friends and partners as you explore; what do they like, what do they think suits you best?

Images The Sartorialist

Images The Sartorialist

2. Don’t simply copy the looks you like.

Style is all finding and reflecting your personality. Take elements that you like from images that inspire you and adapt them using your own tastes in colour, shape and texture. As you become more confident and experienced, you’ll find that you develop your own sense of style. You’ll know things are going well when you start to receive compliments on how you look!

Images Grey Fox Blog

Images Grey Fox Blog

3. Buy clothes that fit.

Image Grey Fox Blog

Image Grey Fox Blog

Poorly fitting clothes are hard to make look good. Spend as much as you can afford – quality products will look and last better.

See prior weekly style tips for inspirations: #1 The Blazer, #2 The Suit

4. The Basics

Images Grey Fox Blog

Images Grey Fox Blog

Develop a basic wardrobe of smart and casual clothing.  Keep things simple. Go for simple colours and textures while you’re discovering what you like. Like Simply Sartorial socks in Saffron.

Introduce variety to a small but quality wardrobe through accessories like socks, pocket squares and ties.

5. Don’t scrimp on shoes.

A high quality pair can lift any look. See prior style tips for inspirations: #4 Shoes

Shoes: images Grey Fox Blog

Images Grey Fox Blog

6. Relax and feel comfortable.

However good your clothes and sense of style, it won’t show unless you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. For this reason it’s best to buy clothes you don’t feel too self-conscious in. Don’t be too adventurous to start with. You’ll develop confidence as your journey to style proceeds.

To read more of my personal journey and style advice, please do follow and share my blog:

website: www.greyfoxblog.com

instagram: @greyfoxblog

Images Grey Fox Blog

Images Grey Fox Blog

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