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Men’s Style Tip: Should men wear hats? With Tom Smarte

Blog • 27 May 2016

Honestly, what do you think when you see a man wearing a hat?

You can be forgiven for thinking they’re an item best left to hipsters and musicians.

However, the traditional gentleman’s hat is making an impressive come back and we wanted to learn more.

We enlisted the help of British hat brand Tom Smarte, who are riding the crest of this wave, to help explain what it’s all about.

1.The Classics

Tom Smarte founder, Allon Zloof says:

It’s such an interesting style piece that’s been worn but many iconic gentlemen over the years.

Here are my favourite all time classics that are making a come back in men’s fashion.

Classic Hat Styles, Tom Smarte

Classic Hat Styles, Tom Smarte


Made from a specific plant, known as the toquilla palm, which is native to Equador.

The very fine, lightweight weave is perfect for hotter weather and holiday style.


Frank Sinatra, among many other stars of his day, made this classic style famous.

Sharp but cuts a wider brim.


A medium brim style that cuts a sharper shape again.

Great with a suit as shown here by Sean.

Pork Pie

The name refers to the flat pork-pie shape of the top.

Made famous recently by TV character Heinsenberg and now a popular style for both men and women.

Are hats ok for men? Tom Smarte explains

Mr Sinatra was famous for his hat style choices.

2.How do you choose?

Allon says:

Different styles will compliment your face shape.

Short: Trilby/Pork Pie. The narrow brim helps add length

Long: Fedora/Pork Pie. The Fedora particularly contrasts.

Round/ Square: Fedora. The wider brim adds length.

Oval: You’re in luck. Any style will suit you!

Hat Style by Face Shape

Hat Style by Face Shape

View Tom Smart’s full style guide here.

3. Hat Etiquette

Allon says:

Once you’ve found your style, don’t forget the rules gents.

‘Doff your hat’

When meeting someone new, remove it and keep it in your left hand for the duration of the conversation.

Doffing Your Hat, Sir Winston Churchill

Doffing Your Hat, Sir Winston Churchill

Hat etiquette for gentlemen, (1939)

Remove your hat:

When entering someone’s home or office,

In a restaurant with table service,

In cinemas, theatres and banks.

It is acceptable to wear your hat:

Generally at all times when outside

While travelling on public transport

Or in retail shops,

In a post office – as you might need both hands free to carry a parcel.


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