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Meet the women of the London Sock Company

Blog • 08 March 2020

Behind this brand are a significant number of creative, dedicated and sock-loving women. In fact, women make up 50 percent of the entire London Sock Company team. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we sit down with some of the female team members to discuss their role at the company and why they love working here.

Kelly McCabe, Chief Operating Officer
“The idea of working for a fast-paced start-up really appealed to me – there’s always a problem to solve / decision to be made, and the whole team really pull together to make this happen. Every person within the team is a star in their own right, with really diverse skill-sets. There’s no sense of competition, as it’s all about supporting one another to bring the best out in each other and beat our ambitious targets.”

Anastasija Golovicera, Project Manager, Product Development 
“I am a project manager within the product development and design team. There are two sides to my role – one is a day-to-day project management and the other is creative thinking.  I work on monthly as well as seasonal trend reports, attend trade shows, fashion and design fairs. London Sock Company culture is all about working towards the same goal and I love being a part of company, where you see your direct impact every day.”
Favourite sock? Simply Sartorial, Skye Blue

Angela Audretsch, Head of Content
“London Sock Company has built a culture where everyone – no matter their role – has the freedom to grow and learn, both personally and professionally, and feels supported. Interested in further training? Just ask. Have a great idea? Let’s make it happen Struggling with something? We can work together to get on top of it. There is a refreshing lack of the bureaucracy and micromanaging that many companies are guilty of; it nurtures autonomy and a sense of responsibility which means that team members are empowered to be the best they can be at all times.”

Martina Zardi, Customer Care Team
“London Sock Company is different compared to my previous workplaces because it gives you the opportunity to make your own decisions. Every day is different from the previous one so it’s always challenging and never gets boring.”
Favourite sock? Spot of Style, Classic Black

Morgan Fitzsimons, Chief Marketing Officer
“Having worked in fast fashion previously I love working for a brand that cares about its impact on the environment and community. Our ‘Share A Pair’ initiative is a testament to how serious we take this commitment, and we are constantly looking at ways to make our products more sustainable. It’s great to work at a business that cares about people and planet and is actively working to bringing diverse ideas and people together to have a positive impact.”
Favourite sock? Pink Friday

Women's feet wearing socks

Chloe Taylor, Head of Product and Design
The first person hired at the company, after the founders Ryan and Dave, Chloe is the head of product and design. “My role involves the design of all product, development of new product, packaging research and development, managing relationships with our factories.”

Vinyet Muntane, Customer Care Team
“I absolutely love the supportive, relaxed atmosphere at the office and how much freedom and opportunities we all have to grow and develop our skills. Ever since I started working at London Sock Company I have felt like my opinions, interests and concerns were taken into consideration more than in any of my previous roles in other companies.”
Favourite sock? Spot of Style, Burgundy

Lisa Reynolds, Bookkeeper
Lisa joined in early 2019 and works with the London Sock Company finances. “It is a fun interesting environment, and the Directors and CEO are all very professional and knowledgeable. They leave you to make your own decisions and judgements.”

Caryssa Afan, Operations Analyst
“I’m the London Sock Company Operations Analyst/Data Analyst/Data Scientist, but the role includes product forecasting, stock management and data analytics. I really enjoy working here because I’m given the space to learn and grow in a smaller company where I can see the impact of my work. I think it’s really special how supportive we are as a team and how open everyone is to new ideas.”
Favourite sock? Shaken & Stirred Royal

Deboshree Kanjilal, PR, Communications and Events
“What really appealed to me when I joined London Sock Company was the team spirit, everyone is always ready to help. Everyone’s opinions matter. No matter how big or small an idea, we are always encouraged to share.”
Favourite sock? Spot of Style, Black

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