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McLaren Automotive: An exclusive collaboration

Blog • 31 October 2019

Since 2013, London Sock Company has been collaborating with designers and brands that we connect with on many levels, be it an approach to design or an innate understanding of how the modern gentleman lives.

Introducing the McLaren Automotive collection. These eight sleek designs include a contemporary reinterpretation of the famous McLaren Orange, a colour synonymous with this iconic brand, as well as the speedmark icon that immediately identifies the company’s pioneering designs.

Eight socks in a box with Mclaren logos and orange colours

The collaboration shares a passion for excellence at every step. Confident, sophisticated and intelligent, the DNA of McLaren perfectly complements the ethos of London Sock Company. The two British brands are committed to bringing the best to their customers, focused on creating products using the finest craftsmanship.

The importance of looking around you, collaborating with different fields and utilising varied expertise runs at the very heart of the spirit of McLaren. “Our colour and materials designers seek inspiration everywhere. From their experience in architecture, cardiology, performance swimwear and more, to the latest in art, culture and industry. In fact, influencing the team least is the very field they work in – automotive design. Because how can you break new ground if you never dare to look beyond what’s around you?” remarks Robert Melville, design director at McLaren Automotive.

Two male feet with orange socks that have mclaren speedmark logo on.

There is power in the smallest details. These eight sleek designs draw on the elements of McLaren synonymous with creativity, excellence and an adventurous sense of spirit. “This collaboration celebrates a shared belief in the power of details, from the socks that you wear to the leather trim in your car. Individual expression can transform not just your style but also your state of mind,” says Ryan Palmer, co-founder of London Sock Company.

The eight designs are available to purchase individually, or can be collected as a complete set. Click here to discover the collaboration.

Experience more McLaren at cars.mclaren.com.

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