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LSC Dads: Words of Wisdom

Blog, LSC Gents • 12 June 2019

The past few weeks have seen two members of the London Sock Company team become new fathers! We welcomed Woody Wijnberg and Tommy Pickard to the world, and Will and Dave saw their lives wonderfully changed forever. These tiny new arrivals got the whole LSC office thinking about their own father figures. About the impact they’ve had, the knowledge they’ve imparted and the people they’ve helped us become. In honour of Father’s Day, the inspiring men in our life and of Woody and Tommy, some of Team LSC share some retro snaps and some of the dad wisdom they’ve learned over the years.

it’s how quickly you recover from failure that matters most.

“Everyone says their father is the best dad in the world. I am lucky that I had one of those best dads in my world. My father was an inspiration, not only for me but for many others. He was self-made, never feared hard work or failure and, above all, was an honest man. I was always in awe of him. He had an impeccable sense of style and was particular about the way he looked. He traveled from India to the UK to study in the early ’60s and then worked all over Africa. He always told us to never fear failure – it’s how quickly you recover from it that matters the most. He told us that hard work reaps rewards, and to be kind and humble. He believed you should help others as much as you can, and that respect for your parents and elders will take you a long way. I am proud to call him my father and wouldn’t change that for the world.” – Deboshree Kanjilal, PR & Events

how we treat others shapes who we are.

“My dad and I share a big sense of adventure, love of food and good wine. Each year we find a weekend to spend just the two of us to celebrate these three common passions. In fact, this picture was taken from one of these trips, to Bordeaux, last year. My dad means the world to me and is my constant reminder that how we treat others and the shared moments, experiences and connection we have with people often shape who we are and who we’ll become.” – Ryan Palmer, Co-Founder

there’s a world out there: go and experience it.

“I think at his core, my father is a big kid really. He’d always get us excited about spotting some wildlife in Scotland, like deer or an eagle, pulling the car over to the side of the road so we could catch a glimpse. He loves aviation and flying, so any trip to the airport or holiday he’d love showing us the planes and getting us excited about them taking off down the runway. I’ve just become a new dad myself! Between my dad and my grandparents, I already know that I want to dedicate a lot of time to my kids, help support them in everything they do, and inspire them to always be interested in new things – whether it’s DIY, sports, or anything else they might enjoy. I think it’s important to learn early that there’s a world out there waiting for you to go and experience it – it won’t just come to you. I’m excited to be the best father I can be.” – Dave Pickard, Co-Founder

be goofy. be yourself.

“I owe my goofiness to my dad, who has always supported me to be whoever I aspire to be, and taught me that happiness was the most valuable virtue in life no matter what I do.” – Zoe Leung, Creative & Marketing

take pride in yourself.

“My father Charles has been a bit of a hero and role model to me. He’s so selfless, hard-working and caring. I like to think he has influenced how I treat others. He’s just general top bloke. Another influential figure in my life has been my great grandad Joe, who fought in India during the war. He taught me that you should take pride in yourself and never be afraid. He was also always dressed impeccably, he would wear a suit even at the beach. This last thing is definitely something haven’t taken on board, but something I admire!” – Jack Richards, Marketing

always strive for happiness.

“The biggest lesson my dad has taught me is to always strive for happiness – it is one of the hardest things to achieve in life, yet the most important. Dad migrated to Australia alone and at a very young age from Scotland with only the clothes on his back. He started a business, got married, had four children and built his life up from scratch. His confidence has inspired and taught me that anything is achievable with hard work and determination.” – Bianca Koffman, New Product Manager

every day is an opportunity for adventure.

“Funny, easy-going, adventurous, curious and kind, with a love of the outdoors, photography and Land Rovers, my dad is an all-Canadian, patient father of three daughters and really rather wonderful. It would honestly be impossible to note down all the things he has taught me without writing a book. Whether it is that a smile and thumbs up is usually all you need to make friends when you speak different languages, or that every day is an opportunity for adventure, or that everything is better after a cup of coffee – life is more fun, more interesting and more special with him in it.” – Angie Audretsch, Head of Content

Have a story about a man in your life and how they inspire you that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you on [email protected].

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