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Can Clothes Improve Your Mental Health?

Blog, Wellness • 17 January 2024

The conversation surrounding mental health – particularly among men – continues to evolve in the twenty-first century. Firstly, it’s vital to normalise not feeling okay. And secondly, there are many simple, effective ways to improve your sense of well-being, from a short walk outside to calling up a friend when you’re feeling low. 

Another easy way to boost your mood and confidence – dressing well. We aren’t talking about head-to-toe designer looks. But pieces you love that look great and make you feel even better. It’s something that drives our love of colour and playful patterns. Without a doubt, a bright pair of socks on a grey winter morning can cheer you up enormously. But how can fashion, clothes and dressing well actually improve your mental health? 

A man sitting on an outdoor bench

Style and Your Mental Health 

Many things can uplift your mood. At London Sock Company, we are champions of the positive power of colour. Even the seemingly small act of pulling on a colourful pair of socks in the morning can be a step in the right direction for feeling good. Think of it as sartorial self-care.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in eight men has a common mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Among its many recommendations for those affected, the Mental Health Foundation advises sticking to a routine. Now, this may sound simple to some, but showering, getting dressed in clothes that make you feel stylish and heading out the door to meet a friend or go for a walk can be a huge step to boosting your mood. That’s why we live by the motto: Walk Brighter

Two men standing in activewear

The Mood-Boosting Power of Clothes

Feeling good produces dopamine in your brain. The joy of a new pair of socks in the morning can release a wave of optimism for the day ahead. In our experience, dressing a certain way can set the tone for your entire day. We’ve all been there – sitting in loungewear at home and feeling unproductive. In fact, researchers from Northwestern University coined the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychology. This essentially means that the clothes we wear influences how we feel, think and perceive ourselves, as well as others. 

Looking good on the outside can really impact how you feel on the inside. Why not try to combat the blues with a quick wardrobe change?

Two men with bicycles

Revitalise Your Wardrobe and Your Mood

A mindful approach to your wardrobe can revitalise your mood and keep the grey at bay. Simple, small changes to your wardrobe can be a pathway to rising out of a slump and starting afresh.

Our Partnership with Suited & Booted

Dressing well can seriously impact self-belief. Be it for a job interview, presentation, wedding, or date, or just everyday steps, looking in the mirror and feeling good is also key to feeling confident. To walking brighter. It’s for this reason that we have are so proud to partner with the London-based charity Suited & Booted, an organisation that works with clients – vulnerable and unemployed men – embarking on a new career or job placement. By kitting out individuals ahead of a big meeting or interview, Suited & Booted instills them with a sense of confidence and pride. The work they do shows how a well-fitted suit, great socks and smart shoes can transform a person, both physically and mentally, helping them find their self-belief again. Following a dressing session and conversation on presenting themselves well, these men head out into the world and embark on their next chapter – with a pair of vibrant London Sock Company styles on their feet. 

A Small Sartorial Step for Big Changes

Dressing well for our mental well-being is a small yet significant step for mental health. The power of clothing cannot be underestimated. You can find brightness even on the darkest days with a splash of colour. If you’re struggling with your mental health, you are not alone. Reach out to a friend, get outside for a walk and find small ways to move forward.

With every purchase, you help us support the incredible work Suited & Booted do to instil self-belief in vulnerable, low-income and unemployed men. Learn more about their work, the impact they have through style and how you can get more involved in our video with TV presenter Dan Walker.

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