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Buying gifts for men can be tricky, we are here to help!

Blog • 14 December 2016

As Christmas rolls around once again, the feeling of mounting excitement is often eclipsed by one of growing dread – what on earth to get the men in your life? Of course, every man is different; his personality, sense of humour, taste all have to factor in but, that aside, there are a few categories women always mentally scroll through before settling on a gift.

At the top of the list? Gadgets. Whether he’s a wine fanatic desperate for the latest high tech decanter or an Apple addict whose dream is to own iEverything, you can usually find something that will work. The only drawback is that passionate gadget-lovers are often incredibly specific – you either run the risk of buying the wrong make or model or strip away the surprise by asking for the info outright. You can always resort to amateur sleuthing to find out exactly what he’s after but let’s be honest, he secretly wants to spend hours in the shop discussing the benefits of electric corkscrews. You’d only be ruining his fun.

So, no gadgets. Perhaps something a little more… glamorous? Watches have been a traditional male gift since the dawn of timepieces and there are certainly plenty to choose from. You simply find your place on the scale of Casio to Rolex and voilà! The perfect present. However, there is one small problem: most men inclined to wear watches already do. Generally speaking, men own fewer items of jewellery than women and what they do own is usually worn everyday. These pieces are a small but meaningful expression of a man’s sense of style and choosing them is an important part of establishing identity – plus it seems a shame to deprive men of one of the few opportunities they have to buy jewellery for themselves.

Clothing seems a more suitable option as even non-sartorially minded men own more than one outfit and could always do with another. A shirt, for instance, is a good, practical present but the problem arises when estimating fit; knowing someone’s size sometimes isn’t enough to properly assess what will look good.

We’re on the right track but not there yet. So, what combines the fun of gadgets, the style of jewellery and the practicality of clothing? The answer is appears as if by magic: accessories. Bags, ties, socks, pocket squares – these can be switched up depending on mood, don’t require exact sizing and you can never have too many.

The same can be said for high end grooming products, which tick the boxes of being both useful but also a bit of a treat. Whether you opt for something like one of The London Sock Company’s gorgeous gift sets, a beautifully made leather briefcase or a luxury shaving kit, even the trickiest of customers are sure to have a smile on their face come Christmas Day. Need a little more help? We’ve put together a mini gift guide to give you a few ideas:

Bruton Briefcase – William & Son

This oh-so-chic outfitters has recently released The Bruton Collection, the shop’s first ever in-house designed handbag range and the results are exquisite. The pick of the bunch is the Bruton Briefcase, a contemporary take on a classic design in navy calfskin, which makes for the perfect gift combining form and function. He’ll want to carry it around even if it’s empty.


£1,490; https://www.williamandson.com/bruton-briefcase-navy

Thomas Clipper Heritage Shaving Set

In our disposable culture, it’s a welcome change to receive a Christmas present that will last. This shaving set from Thomas Clipper is a thing of beauty with its wooden, hand-turned lathering bowl and handmade, all natural juniper soap – it even has the coordinates of the tree it was hewn from etched on the side. This will class up your washbasin for years to come.


£200; https://thomasclipper.com/products/heritage-shave-brush-gps-engraved-bowl-and-soap

David Gandy, My Style Collection – The London Sock Company

This nifty set is limited edition and includes a pocket square, tie and pair of socks in three stylish colourways (blue, grey and polkadot). Each set comes with a signed booklet and personal message from the king of the catwalk himself and 10% each gift set sold goes to the Style for Soldiers charity so you can look good while doing good.


£89; https://www.londonsockcompany.com/shop/david-gandy-london-navy-collection/

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