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Top 5 Business Travel Essentials

Blog • 04 October 2022

Business travel is back in, well, business. Whether it’s a couple of days waving a lanyard around a niche expo or you’re clocking up the air miles on monthly long hauls to the Toronto office, work trips can take their toll. While we can’t promise you an on-time flight or an exit row, we can confirm these five business travel essentials will make your trip away a little more luxurious. 

A Jet Lag App

Yes, there really is an app for everything these days. There are a few jet lag tech options and Timeshifter is without a doubt our favourite. It is designed to ‘alleviate the disruptive symptoms of jet lag’ and while we were also sceptical, it may be the trusty travel tool you need for your next long-haul flight. Timeshifter creates a custom schedule – caffeine intake, sleep, light exposure – to update your circadian rhythm (your body’s natural clock) to your destination. The timeline will help you decide if you should nap, take a walk outside or avoid coffee for a while. You can also prepare for your trip ahead of flying so you can arrive already attuned to your new time zone. Download it now and get prepped. 

London Sock Company Travel Socks

Long-haul flights can take their toll on your feet and London Sock Company’s Travel Socks are here to make travel days more comfortable and stylish.  Made in Italy using ultra-soft Luxury Egyptian Cotton, our exclusive Travel Socks are here to help with foot fatigue. Also known as ‘compression socks’, these designs feature a supportive welt-top that promotes blood flow, combat swelling and provides maximum comfort, all while still looking sharp. Available in a trio of colours – Royal Navy, Burgundy and Soft Grey – these styles add a little luxury to your travel outfit. 

Phizz Tablets 

Staying healthy and hydrated while away is the best way to ensure you keep feeling your best. One of our go-to products while on the move is Phizz, a three-in-one hydration, vitamin and electrolyte tablet. Scientifically formulated to help the body absorb more water, adding Phizz to your glass hydrates your body 2 to 3 times more than water alone. It also comes in a convenient, travel-sized container so you can just pop a pack into your carry-on luggage and go. Best of all? London Sock Company customers can get 15% Phizz products with the code: LSC15 (cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts and bundles and must be ordered directly on the Phizz website).

Silk Sleeping Mask

A tried and tested friend of frequent flyers, sleep masks are an essential for travelling. If you’re looking to catch 40 winks on a short-haul hop to Europe or need to adjust your sleeping routine during the daylight hours, a sleep mask will soon prove itself as a trusty travel companion. Airlines do sometimes still provide these but we would recommend indulging in a super silky option from Slip. Available in several sleek shades, Slip sleep masks are made from high-quality silk that sits lightly on your eyes while still blocking out any light. Believe us, this is money well spent. 

An Elevated Tracksuit

Long-haul travel calls for comfort, but that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. Loungewear has reached new heights of luxury and the concept of a ‘tracksuit’ (or ‘sweatpants’ for our American friends) is no longer confined to sports professionals or 1980s music videos. Mr Porter offers a refined selection of these laid-back luxury trousers that can either be worn from home or quickly changed into in the airport lounge. Pair with a matching sweater, one of London Sock Company’s Travel Socks and a leather holdall for a relaxed, refined on-the-go look. 

Browse our favourite travel socks here. 

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