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Own Your Office: Lessons from some LSC gents, pt 1

Blog, LSC Gents • 27 August 2021

What do a doctor, music producer, celebrity hair stylist and gym teacher have in common? Solid morning rituals and great socks …

After months of disruption to our typical work/life routines, and a serious shake up to the way many of us view our ‘office’ and our professional style, the traditional September reset may look a bit different for people this year. While some will be heading back into the boardrooms again, many will be settling into new rhythms. No matter where you work though, your morning routine, what you wear and your personal professional style are integral to tackling each day with positivity and confidence.

Looking for some inspiration to help you walk brighter at work? We caught up with four individuals whose jobs and offices may be worlds a part, but who rely on the same little things – like great socks – to own their office.


Ramzi Sleiman, founder of RDS Music, artist and music producer

Ramzi making magic in the studio with Simply Sartorial in Olde Turquoise

What sets you up for a positive day?

I must admit, I’m not a morning person! But the first thing I do to get me in a positive mindset is pray. It allows me to meditate on the blessings I have, give thanks and focus on being the best I can be each day! Once that’s done it’s a big breakfast, social media posts, emails and taking care of any admin work before making my way to the studio.

How has your professional style evolved over the past year and a bit?

When I perform live I like to dress smart in a suit or a leather jacket depending on the vibe, but in the studio I like to be as comfortable as possible. In the summer it’s shorts and a t-shirt and in the winter it’s a tracksuit or chinos. My dress sense hasn’t really changed over the past year, however during the lockdowns my hair definitely lacked some TLC and I had to be my own barber.


For us artists and producers summer is just like any other time of the year, so in terms of work not much will change. Having said that summer is by far my favourite time of the year so I’ll be sad for it to end.

What helps you walk brighter at work?

Aside from the lovely bright socks from the London Sock Company, it’s the love I have for making music, collaborating with other creatives who inspire me and knowing that I’m blessed to do what I love for a living.


Dr. Surjya Deb Ghosh is a GP in London

Surjya is all about comfort and style in his surgery in his East India Saffron Boot Socks.

What sets you up for a positive day?

There are a couple key things that set me up for a positive day: exercise and breakfast. On the days I don’t start work really early, I like to do some exercise at home. This gets me energised, and is also really helpful for my mental health. A good breakfast is an absolute must every single day. Can’t go wrong with a simple, healthy bowl of Weetabix and fruit!

How has your professional style evolved over the past year and a bit?

As a GP, the way I work has changed a lot since the start of the pandemic, with my day involving mostly telephone triage calls and video consultations. My work style has evolved to reflect this. It used to be very formal – trousers, shirt and smart shoes – but I have been able to opt for comfort a bit more. Now I wear scrubs in black and blue, trainers and snazzy socks. It’s comfortable and practical, but I can still show a bit of personality on my feet. I often choose Boot Socks as I find them really comfortable for long days – breathable and durable, but really soft.


While for many people, September might be the start of heading back into an office again, it won’t be much different for me as I have remained working at my surgery since the start of the pandemic. It is likely we will have more face to face consultations again, but generally, people seem to have really embraced technology and find the convenience of e-consults fits in with life better.

What helps you walk brighter at work?

Walking brighter for me is all about a magic combination of things: exercise in the morning, lots of coffee, bright socks, my loving wife, and a great working team. Oh, and if Arsenal win a game!


Larry King is founder of two eponymously named salons in London as well as a haircare range. He has across fashion, music and film, with clients including David Gandy, Dominic Cooper, and Pixie Lott.

Larry likes it laid back with Retro Recycled.

What sets you up for a positive day?

I get up while the family are still in bed. I shower, using an invigorating body wash and I wash my hair every other day using my Wash Cycle shampoo range. I’ll cleanse and moisturize my face usually with something like Kiehls or Votary. I always dry my hair using a squirt of mousse and my Dyson supersonic, finished with some of my velvet texture clay. I tend to wear an eclectic range of clothes, I’m a fan of layering, and wear alot of black, neutrals with splashes of neon/ brights.

How has your professional style evolved over the past year and a bit?

Luckily with my job I can pretty much wear whatever I want, I’m definitely still embracing comfort still. Before the lock downs I’d wear jeans, now I’m in sweats and hoodies a lot more. I have a pretty epic sneaker and Vans collection, so I’m generally in a pair of those with some cool socks. I love a pair reminiscent of vintage baseball, slightly off white and ribbed.

How is the ‘back to work’ moment after summer going to be different for you this year?

I run my own businesses, I have two salons in one in South Kensington and one in Notting Hill, so for me it’s all good. It’s good to get the show back on the road, see my team back together having a crack and seeing clients walk out the door feeling and looking better. It’s also so good to be back on set, working with a huge range of hugely inspiring people, I’m buzzing to be back to be honest.

What helps you walk brighter at work?

Music is my life-line in the mornings, my airpods are always in my ears and music really helps to motivate me for the day. I commute into London from the countryside so music breaks my journey up and sets my mood for the day.


Nick Laws is Assistant Head of Boats at an independent school in West London. As the largest school boat club in the country, it offers rowing to over 200 pupils each year, supporting them from their first strokes on the water all the way to racing at Henley Royal Regatta and being selected for international representation.

Teacher Nick is all about lessons in style and function with Simply Active Ankle in Aqua.

What sets you up for a positive day?

Many of my days are early starts. I aim to be on the river to catch the sunrise and the flat water before most people have woken up. To maximise my time, my morning routine starts the night before with everything set out ready for the morning to make the most of every last minute of sleep. In the dark wintery mornings, a flash of colour with my choice of sock starts the day in a positive direction. It goes without saying, you can’t thrive in the morning without a good cup of coffee.

How has your professional style evolved over the past year and a bit?

I’m a firm believer that to be successful, you need to dress the part. It sets the tone of a positive and professional individual to all those around you. I’m therefore ecstatic to leave the comfy ‘working from home’ clothes and slippers in the past. Of course, I think it’s important to show a bit of personality and character – for me that is with a unique combination of socks and sleek classic sneakers.


When we went into lockdown, the novelty of ‘working from home’ quickly wore off and it reminded me why the 9-5 desk job never appealed to me. I thrive on being surrounded with like-minded positive and ambitious people, something I certainly took for granted. I can’t wait to appreciate the return to normality.


How do you #OwnYourOffice? Share your style snaps and tips for walking brighter with us @londonsockco.

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