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New Year’s Resolution Solutions: 5 tips to stick to your goals

Blog, Wellness • 06 January 2022

It’s week two of January and your resolve on those new year’s resolutions is wavering. Join the club. According to a UK study in 2021, around a quarter of British adults who made new year resolutions the year before failed to keep them, while just under half of us kept some. The good news? There are some simple steps you can take to make it easier to hold your resolution resolve and make lasting positive changes. Read on …

1. Make it easy

New fitness gear (including fresh sports socks): check. Fancy Fitbit: check. Fridge purged of festive temptations: check. You start the month raring to go – but enthusiasm undoubtedly wanes as dreary January plods on. The key is to prepare for the slump. Remove any obstacles (even the most minor inconveniences) and you are more likely to continue when your motivation declines. Keep your gym gear packed and ready to go. Batch prepare healthy meals. You get the drift.

A man hangs smiling upside down from a tree branch, enjoying his exercise outdoors in London Sock Company sports socks

2. Make it measurable

That “Get Healthier” goal may sound like it covers all the bases but you are much less likely to stick to something this vague. Instead create measurable targets, such as “go for a run three days a week” or “drink two litres of water a day”. Clear goals to aim for and tick off are destined to succeed.

3. Make it a habit

Depending on who you ask it can take anywhere between 28 days to 66 days to form a new habit and make it automatic. It’s all about the time it takes for your brain to form a strong enough connection that an action or activity becomes automatic. Try to naturally work your resolution into your daily routines. Fix that protein shake when you normally make your morning coffee, get smarter with your new favourite mind-expanding podcast when you typically turn the tunes on, read your book when you it is usually your time to watch The Witcher, hit the gym when on your way to or from from work … the key is to make the changes natural and habitual. By building a habit, you’re planning for the next few years, not the next few of weeks.

4. Make it social

We’ve all heard the advice that telling people about our intentions makes it more likely we will stick to them. But even more enjoyable and likely to lead to success? Joining forces with others. Find like-minded resolvers or join a team or club. You are more likely to stay committed by playing five-a-side with friends or joining a local running club for example – it’s way more fun too.

A person wearing white sports socks by London Sock Company with a football at a five-a-side match

LSC’s Jack Richards plays five-a-side with friends in Cotton White Simply Active.

5. Make it rewarding

You know what they say about all work and no play. So make sure you reward yourself for your hard work and achievements – big and small. Whether it is a mouth-watering weekly cheat meal like our friend The Rock or some new socks to Walk Brighter in …

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