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Celebrity Sock Style: Charlie Puth

News • 26 July 2022

Bonafide internet songwriting sensation Charlie Puth is the latest celebrity to Walk Brighter in London Sock Company socks.

In the video for his lates single ‘Left and Right’ (hailed as one of the ‘best songs of the summer’ by Esquire), Puth sports a pair of Simply Sartorial Pink Fridays throughout – the perfect pop of colour for this pop star it seems. Styled by Hollywood’s legendary stylist Ilaria Urbinati, Puth’s choice of colour and materials is bold, bright and brilliant in the video. Right up our street.

Charlie Puth and Jung Kook – punchy colour combos worthy of viral singing sensations like these

Complementing the confident pink look worn by Jung Kook (Korean pop sensation and member of BTS), Urbinati has helped Puth play with colours and textures in a deep green velvet suit. A larger-than-life outfit worthy of someone with 16.5M Instagram followers …

A hard-to-miss moment for Pink Friday in Charlie Puth’s opening scene in Left and Right

For those wishing to channel Puth’s energy but not quite ready for the velvet green and pink, his more understated pairing of the Pink Friday socks with a cream jacket, white tank top and black trousers show how pink socks can bring just the right amount of colour. And as you know – we are great believers in the power of a dash of colour in everyday style. 

Colourful clothes inspire strong emotions – just like Puth’s catchy songs about love and relationships. Without a doubt, Pink Fridays socks are the pair to wear if you want to make an impression. 

Watch Charlie Puth’s video in full here

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