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Men’s Style Tips #10: Top 10 Tips for the Groom: Part 3 of 3, by Gareth Scourfield

Blog • 29 April 2016

The date’s been set, wedding venue booked, guest list has gone out, mother in law has gone into over drive and your bride-to-be has subscribed to every bridal magazine out there.

Now the attention turns to you, the groom.

What to wear?

It’s a simple question and one that causes anxious debate and self doubt.  You know one thing for sure, that you and your groomsmen want to look great on the big day.

Thankfully celebrity stylist Gareth Scourfield has the answers.

1.Where to start…

Gareth says:

The first rule is keep it simple.

While you want to look the very best you can, you’re not out to upstage your bride.

Take inspiration from some men that do ‘style’ well.

Have a reference point.

The Classics

Robert Redford and Carey Grant

Robert Redford and Carey Grant


Redford & Newman in The Sting

Modern Icons

Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne

Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne

Not to mention other regular London Sock Co. favourites, Daniel Craig and David Gandy.

2.Formal Tailcoat

Gareth says:

Firstly, consider the theme and location of the wedding before deciding on the right style.  For example:

Is it a British summer wedding?

A wedding set on a Mediterranean island?

Do you intend to get married under water?

(apparently this is now a thing!)

You may have decided on a formal tailcoat outfit. In which case, this will probably be hired.

Tip: take your best man and ushers with you.  Try the tailcoat and trousers on.  Get the fit right.

Look at a grey tailcoat as well as black, to bring more lightness to the formal look.  My advice is to wear it with a waistcoat, but opt for a colour rather than white.  Chances are you won’t be wearing the tailcoat when its time to hit the dance floor.

Bring some of your own personality into the hired outfit.  Opt for a silk knitted tie or plain coloured woven silk as opposed to the scrunched-up cravat.

A plain white cotton or ice blue shirt will look timeless.

Formal tailcoat with personality and colour

Formal tailcoat with personality and colour

3.Formal Tux

Gareth says:

Another formal option that can adapt well for day into evening is black tie, or in other words, a tux.

Again if you rarely have occasion to wear one chances are hiring is the best option.

Although as the groom I would suggest you invest in one.  Navy is a great alternative to black.

I’d recommend a lightweight 2-button wool silk mix.

Go for a satin or grosgrain silk peak lapel rather than a shawl collar.

Keep the shirt white with a regular collar and a pin tuck or Marcella bib front.

Trousers should be slim but not skinny.

High polished black leather shoes and a silk bow tie.

Ditch the cummerbund – it’s a wedding not the opera.

Finally, add a touch of colour with your socks or cuff-links.

Keep it warm and rich like a burgundy, deep green or purple.

Formal Tux Eddie Redmayne

Formal Navy Tux, Eddie Redmayne

4.Going less traditional?

Gareth says:

Consider grey, or a camel or chocolate brown suit.


Alternative style, grey or camel colour

Plainer fabrics are better than louder checks or patterns (unless a Scottish family tartan is being worn).

A subtle pin-dot, herringbone or houndstooth fabric will add enough interest without being overwhelming.

Also a less formal suit can look great with a tassel loafer, but never sock-less.

5.Invest in Light-weight Fabric

Gareth says:

…Unless it’s a winter wedding.

If it looks and feels good, you’ll want to wear it again.

This is where you have the advantage over the bride!


6.Tailoring Check List

Gareth says:

Buying off the rail?

Go to a tailor and get the suits altered to fit.

Tailoring check-list:

Tip: Wear a shirt and the right shoes when you do this.  Don’t turn up to the tailors in trainers or a t-shirt.

7.Colour Matching?

Gareth says:

Take some colour inspiration from the day.

It may be from the colour in the brides bouquet or bridesmaid dresses.  But DON’T go over board on matchy-matchy outfits.

Use colour in your tie, socks or pocket square and stop there.  It should look considered and co-ordinated – not OTT.


8.Last-minute / still at a loss?

Gareth says:

If all else fails, here’s a simple winning formula:



Gareth says:

Keep a button hole small & simple if you are going for one. Take inspiration from the bride’s bouquet.

If not, then look at adding a silk pocket square.

Tip: Wear your new shoes at least a week before the big day, to break them in and feel their comfort.  Don’t forget to make sure they’re polished.


10.Load up your ushers…

Gareth says:

Don’t load your pockets with your phone, keys, mints or cigarettes.

That’s what your ushers are there for.  Keep the suit looking as sharp as it can be.

You’ll be thankful when you look back on the photos.


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